You can have a private dinner in a secret ice cave in Whistler this winter


The exclusive opportunity is available to guests at the Four Seasons Resort and Residences Whistler in partnership with Head-Line Mountain Holidays.

The ice room is described as “a cathedral-like cave of blue” where you’ll dine on a meal prepared for you by the hotel’s Executive Sous Chef David Baarschers.

Your trip to the ice cave includes vistas of the surrounding alpine region, towering forests, and landscapes of ice, and rocky volcanic peaks.

Plus, just to get to your table for the evening means you get to wind your way through natural ice sculptures and ice flows. The mean will include ice-cold Krug champagne, Northern Divine caviar served on snow, Vancouver Island oysters, and other local specialties.

Dubbed “Blue Room Dining,” the opportunity will be available to guests starting in November, launching at the same time as Whistler’s legendary food and wine festival Cornucopia.  Bookings can be made through Head-Line Mountain Holidays by calling 604 902 6415.

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