Rogue Fest

Rogue Fest

3 Day Outdoor, Music, Visual and Interactive Arts Festival and MORE!

Rogue Fest is a 3 day outdoor festival where you can immerse yourself in non-stop, genre-crossing music, art, and more. Discover your new favourite band, find inspiration from engaging visual and interactive arts, participate in a community mural, and check out some killer local food and libations on the idyllic, family-run Clarke Farm on the gorgeous Sunshine Coast of British Columbia. And while you're surrounded by second and old growth forest; shuttle services to and from the ferry, on-site camping, a 5-minute walk from local public transportation, and an on-site bike lock has never made getting away from it all easier. The festival is produced by the not-for-profit Coast Rogue Arts Society which focuses on offering a broader definition of the word ‘art’, fostering social inclusion, and promoting collaboration and interactivity. For further information, please visit our website.




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