Important Health Reasons for Denture Check-ups

Important Health Reasons for Denture Check-ups

While dentures don’t grow and shrink like everything else in our mouths, they still need to be checked over by a registered denturist every 6 months.

“It’s the same deal with dentures as it is for other kinds of mouth care,” says Austin Denture Clinic denturist Boris Eroshevski. “Dentists recommend a visit twice a year for your teeth, and your local denturist recommends the same schedule for you and your dentures.”

The human body is constantly changing. And that means your gums are changing, too. Unfortunately, dentures don’t change to suit your gums, so after a while, they need to be adjusted.

Loose dentures are a leading cause of discomfort for denture wearers. If your dentures are loose for too long, you run the risk of irritation, and that can lead to sores or infection. Rebasing or relining your dentures every two years or so will address this issue. In many cases, regular check-ups will prevent it from ever occurring.

“Ill-fitting dentures can cause more harm than a lack of cleaning,” says Boris. “Check-ups are the best way to prevent dentures from becoming loose. Always keep in mind that while dentures don’t change, your gums do.”

While not as potentially harmful as a bad fit, a lack of cleaning can lead to a shorter shelf-life for your dentures and poor health for you. A thorough and professional cleaning is recommended twice yearly to take care of plaque and tartar.

Dentures are prone to bacteria just as natural teeth are. The bacteria will grow on the denture and in your mouth, especially if daily cleaning is missed, and this can cause fungus and hygiene problems.

“The bacteria found on dentures can be bad for your health,” Boris says. “Regular check-ups will eliminate it. We will all lose our teeth, but there is no reason to become less healthy because of it.”

For more information about dentures, contact Austin Denture Clinic at 604-939-1313, by email or in person at 230-1140 Austin Avenue in Coquitlam. 

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