Seeing you through: Why choosing Basic Eyewear Optical is your best fit

Seeing you through: Why choosing Basic Eyewear Optical is your best fit

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Your glasses may say a lot about you, but it’s your lifestyle that says even more about your glasses. “That’s why we always put the customers’ needs first,” said Basic Eyewear Optical optician Paul Manocha. With 20 years of eyewear and optical experience under his belt, it’s safe to say that Manocha knows a few things about finding your perfect glasses.

Here are some guiding questions Manocha uses when fitting customers at Basic Eyewear Optical. Think of these next time you’re getting new glasses:

·       What are the glasses being used for? Manocha says that the perfect frame can vary depending on what you’re using them for.

“If their used just strictly for reading, then we would choose a frame that would be different and more focused in on that compared to glasses used for driving.”

·       What do you do for a living? Somebody working in construction would want more of a durable frame, Manocha says, compared to somebody who does a lot of public speaking in meetings.

·       What is your face shape? At Basic Eyewear Optical, the staff takes the time to determine your face shape and choose the kinds of styles and shapes that best compliment your features.

·       How about style? Having been in the industry for two decades, you could say Manocha is an expert on the changing trends and style of eyewear.

Though, putting your trust in people who know glasses is just one of the many benefits of going to a smaller business, like Basic Eyewear Optical.

Manocha says that one of the defining features smaller businesses have over high volume and discount stores is consistency. “When you’re dealing with a lot of chains, you’re always dealing with somebody different,” Manocha continued. “But here, you’ll always be seeing the same group of people every time so we get to know you, know your name, and know your families.”

Personalized service is another thing Basic Eyewear Optical prides itself on. This means offering better pricing, and provides a direct billing service to the clients insurance providers, and providing a wide variety of nearly 20 designer lines of eyeglasses, sunglasses and contact lenses. Manocha says that at Basic Eyewear Optical, they can deal with anyone with any product.

To find out more about Basic Eyewear Optical, visit, call 604-936-9969, or email You can also find Basic Eyewear Optical on Facebook.

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