Naturopathic Physician + Certified Bowen Therapist + Transformational Life Coach

Dr. Neetu Dhiman, ND

Dr. Neetu Dhiman practice is strongly rooted in following the laws of how the body heals. She believes that a profound level of transformation occurs when a patient, so fiercely committed to their healing, works in union with her as their Practitioner. Each and every patient has a unique story, a unique set of circumstances triggering symptoms, and has a unique biology. Dr. Neetu Dhiman believes the key to much of healing lies in a patient feeling seen and deeply heard. She believes that one of her true gifts is to listen and hear a person. As she listens to each patient relay their story, they unknowingly are sharing origins of disease and also how to correct it.



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11020 No 5 Rd Unit 223


V7A 4E7

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