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Nevermore Toys & Games

Nevermore Toys & Games

Monday – Saturday: 10AM – 5PM
Sunday: 10AM – 4PM

The Nest
An interactive drop-in play space.

Drop-In Play (All Age Kids Welcome)
Monday 10AM-4PM
Tuesday 10AM-4PM
Wednesday 10AM-4PM
Thursday 10AM-4PM
Friday 10AM-4PM

Arts & Crafts (School Age Kids, Pre-registration Required)
Monday 4PM-5PM
Tuesday 4PM-5PM
Wednesday 4PM-5PM
Thursday 4PM-5PM

Birthday Party Rentals (All Ages Welcome)
Saturday 10AM-1PM  &  2PM-5PM
Sunday 10AM-1PM  &  2PM-5PM





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Lonsdale specialty shops complement each other on the waterfront

Green Leaf Brewing celebrates its fifth anniversary this week. I recall first learning of the brewery’s opening and wondering, at the time, if the North Shore would be able to support the rapid growth trend of craft breweries that was materializing. By my count, we now have six unique craft breweries on the North Shore (as well as three craft distilleries) and, as reported by the North Shore News recently, new proposed brewery developments have prompted North Vancouver city council to take a look at zoning bylaw changes that would make the addition of lounge and restaurant space within breweries easier to secure. Such changes could result in a full-on brewery “district” along East Esplanade. On any given night, each of our existing breweries seem to draw significant crowds, categorically answering my earlier question about whether or not we had a critical mass to support new beer businesses. We do.