Have your diamonds your way

Have your diamonds your way

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The ultimate luxury when you get engaged or celebrate a special event is custom jewellery – something made for you, to your design, from a gemstone or diamond you handpicked. The drawback? Price: The preconception is that anything made just for you must be substantially more expensive than an off-the-peg product.

DiamondNet, a 40-year-old family business, is turning that idea on its head by providing bespoke jewellery at wholesale prices. How it works: Visit the company’s downtown Vancouver office. There, you can check out all of the brand’s inventory – and it’s a lot.

“We have hundreds of stones at any given moment, where a jewellery store might have five or 10,” says owner Felix Bockstette. “We can line them up in front of you so you see what the different colours, clarity grades, cuts and sizes look like. It’s a unique experience in Vancouver.”

Once you’ve selected your stone, you share your design with the team – inspiration can come from photos or even a sketch you’ve made yourself. DiamondNet’s master goldsmiths and jewel setters will turn your idea to reality.

“We create a lot of custom engagement rings, but we can also make bracelets, necklaces and other custom jewellery featuring gemstones too, and we have a selection of ready-made jewellery too,” says Bockstette. “Everything is sold at wholesale pricing, so the experience really is very affordable.”

You don’t miss out on the usual protections and guarantees of buying retail. All diamonds are sourced ethically, in accordance with the Kimberley Process, and from sources that are members of the professional diamond trade. There’s a refund policy, repair and servicing, and if you want to upgrade to a larger diamond, you can trade yours in and get 100 per cent of the value back. Most of all, you still get the care and experience you’d receive from a retailer.

“We’re not a big corporation –we’re a family business and so we’re approachable, accommodating, and build relationships with our customers,” says Bockstette. “It’s all about creating a stress-free, hassle-free experience that delivers something unique, perfectly tailored to you.”

Visit to find out more about the business and make an appointment, or drop into the office at 528-736 Granville Street.

By: Vancouver Courier

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