Refreshing Your Home for Spring/Summer

There are many ways you can refresh your house for the spring/summer season. These projects can provide your house with the additional resale value, give you a fulfilling leisurely pursuit, and create a much better living environment. Much of this refurbishing will also add a brighter quality to the aspects of your house that most need it.  

These projects can help your house look more welcoming, as spring approaches, this includes remodelling your kitchen or installing new floorboards. The kitchen is often the most brightly lit part of the house; while having new countertops and cabinets may be a bit costly, it will ultimately payout well in a much more impressive and updated visual impact.

The flooring is also a feature that should be replaced in a timely fashion. Many people today opt for engineered flooring, which is best in rooms that have moderate temperature fluctuations. Appearance and functionality should go well together when choosing the variety, plank length, wood grade and finish for your new flooring. Your hardware store should offer a wide selection in this area, so you can’t go wrong if you plan your project well.

Finally, repainting parts of the exterior or interior of the house will also create a friendlier, springtime environment for almost any home. While painting the entire exterior of the house is a big project, it should be done once about every 10 years. Most of the houses follow a schema when it comes to colours.

For instance, the colour of the front door should match that of your window shutter.

Creating a new colour pattern in the interior of your house is one of the most affordable ways to dramatically change the overall look of your house. Although, it’s always good to get an expert opinion before you decide on what colour schema to use.

These springtime renovations are relatively easy projects, yet they will create an impressive new look for you and your family. Good Luck!

By: GuidedBy

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