5 Cleaning Tips That Will Make Your House Sparkle

5 Cleaning Tips That Will Make Your House Sparkle

If you’re getting ready for spring cleaning or another big home cleaning project, you’ll want to sanitize your living space as quickly as possible while still doing a thorough job. As daunting as your upcoming cleaning tasks may seem, there are ways that you can simplify the process and do all the work in the most efficient manner. By following these five cleaning tips, you’ll be able to make your house sparkle without having to break as much of a sweat.

1. Clean in higher spaces first

To get your home as clean as possible, it’s best to clean the areas of your home that are at a higher elevation and work down to the floors. Your ceiling, top shelves and other higher spaces should be cleaned first so that the dust and other dirty particles will fall toward the ground. You can clean up these messes that fall when you start cleaning the lower levels of your home.

2. Eliminate allergens

Pollen spores and other allergens can be just as harmful to health as dust and dirt particles, and putting in the extra effort to eliminate these allergens can make your home safer. Using a HEPA vacuum can eliminate allergens better than a standard vacuum cleaner. Using a damp cloth to clean surfaces is another great way to get rid of dust that may cause allergic reactions. Keeping your home ventilated will also help prevent moisture formation that could cause more allergic problems.

3. Write cleaning checklists for all rooms

Cleaning your home room by room can make your big cleaning project seem less overwhelming. To sanitize all areas as efficiently as possible, it’s best to create a checklist for each room so that no tasks get overlooked. Writing a checklist will also help you stay better organized and more on task.

4. Use green cleaning products

Green, or eco-friendly, cleaning products can get your home clean without the use of chemicals that could be harmful to you and the environment. Many of the best green cleaning products that you find in stores or order online may clean even better than some of the more popular brands of chemical-based cleaners and won’t leave unpleasant chemical smells behind after you’ve finished cleaning.

5. Get a squeegee for windows

Instead of holding a cleaning cloth and making long or circular motions with your hand to clean your windows, you can save yourself a lot of time and effort by using a squeegee instead. A squeegee can cover more areas of your windows with each swipe and can give them a streak-free shine so that you can see the outdoors clearer.

Getting your home clean doesn’t have to be an insurmountable challenge. By following these tips, you can clean your home in the smartest, easiest ways imaginable.

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