Why this Prince George contractor settles for nothing but the best

Why this Prince George contractor settles for nothing but the best

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“I’m very passionate,” says Robert Rivey, “and I suppose I always do my best.”

This sort of modesty is typical of Rivey, a contractor with over 15 years of experience in the construction sector.

“I lived and worked in Edmonton and on the oil fields for years and that whole place is awash with incredible contractors from all over the world," he says. "It’s incredible to me how thrilled people are with my work here, because in Edmonton, taking pride in your work and doing it properly is the bare minimum.”

Rivey had a successful contracting business in Alberta until the economic crash, when he and his wife decided to move their children back to Prince George, where they grew up, to be closer to the grandparents and family.

The now College Heights-based contractor is adept at construction, acrylics, framing, finishing, mudding, taping, tiling, flooring, and fencing. He learned all of his skills throughout the years working various jobs, gaining a reputation for exceptional attention to detail and customer service.

In the process of completing the program to become a home inspector, Rivey has proven invaluable because of his inspector’s standpoint, standards, and his attentiveness to making sure his clients are empowered to make good decisions when renovating their homes.

“I’ll sit with them for as long as it takes as we go over each part of the process, which materials work for what, and what the long-term benefits or drawbacks of each option are,” says Rivey. “I make sure to tell them why I’m doing what I’m doing, and how it will help increase the value of their homes come inspection time.”

In order to be even more transparent to his clients, Rivey makes sure that his invoices are super detailed, “they’re itemized to the letter, like a McDonald’s receipt,” he says. “That way, my clients know exactly where money has to be spent, and where there’s a bit of wiggle room – a $400 sink versus a $700 one, for example.”

Overall, as long as Rivey’s customers are happy, he is happy.

“It’s just really nice to see how excited people get when they see their home become their dream home. It’s always great to see.”

To get in touch with Robert about a project, check Rivey Renovations Facebook page or call him at 778-349-0558.

By: Prince George Matters

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