Healthy Meal Prep Ideas

Healthy Meal Prep Ideas

Salad Plate

Healthy meal prep saves time and money and lets you fully enjoy cooking without feeling guilty about eating out. By prepping your favourite meals for the week, you can eat well all the time. Meal prep also helps you stay on track with your diet. Try out some of these helpful ideas for nourishing meal preparations.

Make your salad dressings

Salads are a great way to include veggies, fruits, and healthy fats in your daily meals. However, many store-bought salad dressings aren't very healthy. Instead of pouring calories and sugar into your body, make your salad dressings for healthy eating. Try making a vinaigrette, raspberry-basil vinaigrette, or caesar dressing.

Sneak in fresh fruits and vegetables

Fresh vegetables and fruits are quick, easy, and healthy additions to any meal. While many meals have fresh veggies and fruits as main courses, they can also be included in smaller amounts in other meals. For example, you can always add a side salad or vegetable omelet to your breakfast or lunch meals. 

Make your cereals

If you're having cereal for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you might be missing out on some nutrients that could come from other whole grains. Make your cereal by using whole grains and nuts as bases. You can add other healthy ingredients such as bananas, strawberries, blueberries, and apples. Some healthy cereals include quinoa flakes, granola, and rolled oats. You can also make a healthy cereal smoothie by blending leftover vegetables and fruits with milk.

Create single servings of protein

Healthy eating doesn't mean starving yourself of all your favourite proteins. Instead of making a large serving of meat for dinner, make a small single-serving-sized protein. This way, you're consuming the right amount of protein while saving time and money. You can also incorporate other healthy proteins in a single-serving bowl, such as quinoa, lentils, tofu, or salmon.

The key to nourishing meal preparation is to ensure that you're consuming a balanced diet with suitable protein. Additionally, if you practice healthy meals, you can enjoy the many benefits of healthy eating without even realizing it. Nutritious meal preparation is a great way to get started.

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