Want to achieve your full potential? Sometimes doing less is the only way

Want to achieve your full potential? Sometimes doing less is the only way

Often we think doing more is the only way to be successful, but according to life coach Karen Moilliet, cutting out habits and practices that don’t serve your goals can be just as important. Here’s how you can make time.

1. Break it down

Write down the things you do every day, week, month and year. “It’s good to have an exhaustive list, from changing diapers or washing the car to filing your taxes, so you get a true picture of how you spend your time,” says Moilliet.

2. Rate them

Rate everything from 1 to 3. “The 3s are the things you loathe, and the 1s are the things you love – your passions,” Moilliet explains. Your goal is to create space for the 1s by removing the 3s.

3. Remove some

You may find that there are things you do from habit that are unnecessary, and you can stop them without impact, whether it’s updating spreadsheets or ironing sheets. Every time you carry out a task, ask what would be the impact on your relationships, family, community or business if you just stopped doing it.

4. Swap some

“Say you hate washing the car,” says Moilliet. “Maybe you could swap it for something you actually enjoy. For example, if your neighbour doesn’t mind washing the car and you love to bake, you can exchange those tasks.”

5. Pay for help

This isn’t possible for everyone, but it’s worth doing if you have spare cash. Jobs like spring cleaning and throwing away junk are time-consuming, but liberating when they’re done.

6. Stop taking responsibility for things you’re not responsible for

Maybe it’s always fallen to you to make the coffee or order the stationery, but it’s not actually part of your role. Point that out! “In my home, I have a laundry counter with piles of clean laundry that just never gets folded,” says Moilliet. “I made a rule in my house that nothing gets put on it that’s not folded laundry. It’s amazing how that changed my life!”

Moilliet trained with Essential Impact, an internationally known corporate coaching firm based in Vancouver, to become a life coach. She consults with clients at her home, or will travel to your home or business. She also conducts sessions over the phone, Messenger or Skype. To find out more, visit

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