These vegan beauty products are so natural you can eat them

These vegan beauty products are so natural you can eat them

Natural Vegan creates personal care and beauty products that are cruelty free and certified vegan. The products, which range from shampoo and conditioner to soap, deodorant and lip balm, are made from permaculture grown organic ingredients that are hand picked from the company’s 160 acre solar, wind and micro-hydro powered farm in the Okanagan.

That may sound like a Portlandia sketch, but the company’s commitment to being truly natural is pretty incredible. The business model operates on a monthly subscription service, which means there’s no need for artificial preservatives or stabilizers. It’s essentially a plant-based diet for your skin!

Speaking of diets… When it comes to snacking on a bar of Natural Vegan soap, the company’s Kickstarter page points out,

“these products are natural enough to eat but they are not made for taste… so eating them is probably not a great idea.”

That said, we’re still pretty curious about the taste.

You can learn more about Natural Vegan or contribute to their Kickstarter campaign HERE.

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