Quilts Provide Comfort at Dr. Myrna Pearce’s Dental Practice

Quilts Provide Comfort at Dr. Myrna Pearce’s Dental Practice

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Long before Dr. Myrna Pearce was a dentist, she excelled at doing detailed handiwork. Her aunt taught her how to hand sew when she was 10 and soon after, her mother taught her how to make clothing.

“I started sewing my own clothes when I was in Grade 5 and basically sewed everything that I wore until I started having kids,” she says.

She enjoyed other crafts such as knitting and cross-stitch, but she had not accomplished one particular goal – learning to quilt.

After Dr. Pearce had to take some time off for a surgery, she decided to try her hand at quilting while she was recuperating.

“I had all of these quilt squares that I had cross-stitched, but I didn't know how to put them together to make a quilt,” she says.

Dr. Pearce went to a local quilting store and asked for help with the basics. Once she started quilting, she loved it.

 “I've made quilts for almost every chair at the office, so when the patients come in and lay down, they're not cold,” Dr. Pearce says. “They love the quilts; it makes the dental visit a little less clinical.”

The quilts provide comfort to patients and brighten up the office, but they also showcase Dr. Pearce’s abilities, both on an artistic and a professional level.

“When patients see the quilts at the office, I think they do get an understanding that I'm skilled with my hands,” Dr. Pearce says. “Quilting and suturing are both sewing. There's a crossover and for me there's a comfort with needles and thread.”

The practice of quilting helps her process her day and relax. She hopes some of the calmness she experiences while quilting is passed on to her patients through the fabric.

“Quilting is very meditative,” she says. “Making quilts is a very peaceful and healing process.”

On Track Dental is at Suite 2203, 2850 Shaughnessy St. in Port Coquitlam. For more information on Dr. Myrna Pearce and her quilts, contact the clinic by email or check out the On Track Dental website

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