Thoma & Co

Thoma & Co

Every home has a story. Let us help you tell yours

Thoma has an energy that is unique to describe because she is as versatile as the spaces she creates. She truly is a paradox; she is calm and soft spoken while being a ""tell you like it is"" kind of woman! She is grounded and earthy all the while glamorous and complex. Her ability to see what a space can become is only complemented by her ability to see the undertones of your style, ensuring that every space holds true to the most important people in the process - you! While she carefully considers the vision of her clients - she won't hesitate to share what's on her mind. This allows her clients to make the most informed decisions when it comes to picking out materials and colours based on her expertise. Thoma has a gift of being able to read the possibilities of a room while visualising how to turn your dream into reality, creating a comfortable, realistic, and liveable space.



Tri-Cities | Greater Vancouver | Victoria




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