Melange Restaurant

Melange Is the French Word for Mix.

Melange Restaurant chose its name to represent them as they are a mix of different backgrounds and techniques all coming together to try and achieve the same goal.

Above anything, they want to make and serve great-tasting food while showcasing and supporting local farmers, brewers, producers, suppliers, bakers, and gelato makers. Their ambitions are to be a part of a local movement to curb the trend of chain restaurants, giant food producers, and suppliers.

One of the key tenants is trying to keep money in our local economy, which will allow local businesses to thrive in a challenging global market. This comes with great difficulty because the cost of using local ingredients and making everything from scratch is much higher than purchasing items that are pre-made. However, the quality of freshly grown ingredients and small-batch production can’t be matched. All in all, their goal is to have fun serving healthy food in a positive environment.



#101-223 Commercial St
V9R 5G5



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