This is the best pizza in Burnaby. I weep for those who haven't tried it

This is the best pizza in Burnaby. I weep for those who haven't tried it

Pizza is a touchy topic.

Trying to get a group of people to agree on pizza can be like pouring gasoline on a campfire.

People argue over which place is the best in their neighbourhood. Then they argue over what toppings they should get. Then they argue over which style of crust is the tastiest, when it’s deep dish, thin crust or those bastardizations involving cheese being injected into the crust (AS THOUGH THERE ISN’T ENOUGH CHEESE ALREADY!).

I respect people’s opinions. There are some find pizza places out there. This is not a commentary on other places.

But I’m telling you right here and now that I found my own personal absolute favourite slice of pizza in Burnaby and I don’t think anything even comes close.

It’s from Sopra Sotto, which opened a few months ago in Burnaby Heights on Hastings. This is the company’s second location – the first is on Vancouver’s Commercial Drive.

They tout themselves as being a part of the “slow food movement” and the quality really does show. Their pizzas are baked in a grand wood-fired oven.

If you’re in a rush, this isn’t the place you go.

But if you have time to sit down and eat some pizza, then it’s worth it.

On my first visit, I tried the salsiccia and it was good, but the sausage was a little spicy for my wimpy tastes.

Then I went again and had my mind blown. I tried the rucola e prosciutto and it was perfection.

It’s perfect pizza dough with mozzarella and a thin sheet of prosciutto that has a nice saltiness to it. Then cool up all of that. Then they pile on cold arugula, shaved grana cheese and juicy cherry tomatoes. I share a pizza with a friend and we both agreed it was so good we actually didn’t want to share with each other.

It’s like a salad on top of a pizza. I actually purred afterwards and I’m not even a cat.

Sopra Sotto also has a pretty devastating tiramisu to finish things off with.

I will be returning.

DISCLAIMER: I have not been paid by the restaurant to write this blog. I paid for my own meal and the restaurant has no idea I am writing this. I just like telling people about great food.

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