Explore the Mediterranean one bite at a time with Dinakis

Explore the Mediterranean one bite at a time with Dinakis

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Mouth-watering, well-seasoned, falling off the bone slow-roasted lamb served in its own juices; skewered grilled chicken souvlaki that will transport you right to the shores Mykonos; cheesy, spinach pie rolled in flaky phyllo pastry. These are the foods of the Mediterranean – these are the foods of Dinakis Mediterranean Grill.

Owner Zaman Noori says that some of the best parts of his job is serving food like that to his customers.

He says Dinakis is all about “providing great hospitality and taking care of [its] customers while they are in [his] restaurant.” Though, the rewards are two-fold because it is his customers’ loyalty that really warm Zaman’s heart.

“I am most proud of my respective customers who voted for my restaurant Dinakis Mediterranean Grill to remain as the top best restaurant for several consecutive years in Tri-City.”

On top of that, Dinakis has also been selected as one of Tri-City News Readers’ A-List winners in 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015. Further, it received The Now’s Readers’ Choice Award in 2012 and was voted number one of ten Top Restaurants in Port Coquitlam by Trip Advisor, Urban Spoon, Yelp, and Dine Here.

When Zaman is out of the country working with Red Cross, an organization he has been working with for the past 23 years, his daughter, Samira, and son, Sadat, help run the restaurant.

Samira admits that making tasty drinks is definitely one of the best parts of her job, but, like her father, it always comes down to her customers.

“Interacting and communicating with the customers and keeping them happy really does make me happy,” she said.

And so the choice is yours: dine in Dinakis Mediterranean Grill’s casual and fun setting, or have the food of the Mediterranean delivered right to your home.

To find out more about Dinakis Mediterranean Grill, visit, call 604-472-3333. You can also visit in person at #101 – 2020 Oxford Connector in Port Coquitlam or email noori@dinakis.comDinakis Mediterranean Grill is also on Facebook.

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