Alcuin College – Student Parent Teacher Q&A

Alcuin College – Student Parent Teacher Q&A

Gavin B.

What do you like best about attending your school?

Everything! The teachers at Alcuin make it a great place to learn and have fun at the same time. Last year, we went on a lot of cool field trips, which I really liked. This year, we have done more things virtually, but they have still been interesting and fun. We had a presentation from Mike’s Critters where we got to hold and pet some unusual animals and learn about them. We also had a virtual workshop with Science World where they showed us how to code using “Scratch”. I love math. Alcuin has been able to make math more challenging for me because they are so flexible. This has been amazing for me. The new building will also help to make learning more flexible for us because we will have the space to expand and do different things like present our learning to everyone at school.

Sandeep G.

What is the biggest benefit to your children in attending their school?

Our children’s experiences at Alcuin have been truly transformational. As a parent and educator, myself, I have witnessed my children’s confidence flourish, and with this newfound self-awareness, an insatiable hunger for curiosity about the changing world and their place within it. Through the forging of meaningful, authentic relationships, Alcuin educators go above and beyond to create a sense of belonging where students feel valued as individuals with unique gifts. Learning differences are addressed through this personalized, strength-based approach, which fuels a genuine love for learning. Students are intrinsically motivated to respond to novel learning challenges creatively, critically, and confidently. Alcuin’s signature experiential and hands-on learning model transcends the walls of the school as students regularly engage with community partners in ways that enrich their learning and connection to North Vancouver as proud and responsible members of society. It is no wonder that my children look forward to school each day.

Penny D.

What is the most rewarding part of your job/workplace?

The most rewarding aspect of my job is being able to create opportunities for students to apply their knowledge and understanding to make a positive impact, both on the North Shore and in the world. Alcuin College is a true learning community, where students, staff, and families work together to foster active citizenship and increase student achievement and success. My students are part of my community for much longer than for the time they are in my classroom. I am not just their teacher, I am part of their ‘village’; I learn from them, challenge them, coach them, and believe in them. In return, they teach me how to be better in each of these areas. I love being a part of this community where my influence can be supportive, encouraging and helpful, inspiring students to be the best that they can be. 

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