St. Thomas Aquinas – Student Parent Teacher Q&A

St. Thomas Aquinas – Student Parent Teacher Q&A

Anna G.

What do you like best about attending your school?

I like that I am constantly surrounded by people who care about each other. STA prepares you academically for universities, as well as offers a wide variety of extracurricular activities from drama to sports to music. They also support your personal and spiritual growth.

Natasha B.

What is the biggest benefit to your child in attending his/her school?

STA is an extension of our home in raising our children in an evolving world. Support and attention to academic life and the emotional needs of students are evident and always available. Our daughter has transitioned into high school with confidence, support, and enthusiasm. As a community, the common values are evident amongst the staff, children, and families who attend. We are very grateful for STA!

Tony D.

What is the most rewarding part of your job/workplace?

 It is a blessing for me to be part of the STA family. I love working at STA because of the communal faith that strengthens me to become a better person to fulfill my teaching vocation. The collaboration amongst staff provides me with confidence which helps me focus on helping students to achieve their dreams.

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