These summer treats are why B.C. millennials may never afford a house

These summer treats are why B.C. millennials may never afford a house

Millennials in British Columbia are spending more than they did last year on frozen desserts because YOLO and buying a house in the province is a faraway dream for most.

If you’re still reading and not throwing your computer out of your hot apartment, collective house or parent’s basement in a rage there is some research that supports the fun we’re having with this article. 

The folks at Research Co. decided to study how British Columbians were keeping cool in this heat and conducted an online survey of 800 adults from August 14 to 15.

The survey found that 85 per cent of millennials (defined as between the ages of 18 and 34 in case you were wondering) have upped their spending on frozen desserts including freezies, pop and ice cream — in a desperate attempt to keep cool as our planet lights itself on fire due to climate change.

With tons of options such as cinnamon bun ice cream sandwiches, gold chimney cake ice creams, adult milkshakes, and boozy popsicles doing it for the gram with a sweet grab-n-go item saves time while also nourishing an individual’s online persona.

Frozen desserts led the way over millennials spending more on dining out (36 per cent), drinking cold beverages including beer and pop (34 per cent) and buying appliances like fans or air conditioners (19 per cent).

The number of older folks spending more on frozen treats is 70 per cent for those aged 35 to 54 and drops to about half (51 per cent) for those aged 55 and over.

Instead, older British Columbians (55 and over) led the way in dining out more (45 per cent) and consuming more cold beverages (43 per cent) including beer, cider and pop over younger demographics.

The survey also shows that B.C. women are dining out more (possibly on Tinder dates) while the men are eating more frozen desserts.

Dessert research
Millennials surveyed reporting spending more on cold desserts this hot summer.

By: Prince George Matters

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