World Class Rehabilitation Centre and Wildlife Attraction

North Island Wildlife Recovery

NIWRA’s mission is to care for ill, injured, and orphaned wildlife and to educate the public on wildlife and environmental issues.

In addition to the vital work of rehabilitation behind the scenes, NIWRA is the permanent home to more than 50 non-releasable animals. Visitors are welcome to explore the centre, meet the animals, and learn their stories in a beautiful park-like setting.


This was seriously one of the coolest things we did while visiting the Parksville area! We went thinking we'd be there for 30 minutes and be done.... But it was 2.5 hours and we could've stayed longer! We learned a lot about wildlife and rehabilitation and my kids were fascinated by all that we saw. Seeing actual bald eagles that would be released back to the wild and learning why some of their animals couldn't be released back into the wild... These are things my kids got to learn by seeing firsthand! So cool! What a wonderful day! Amelia S.


1240 Leffler Rd


V0R 1V0

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