Weddings at Sparkling Hill in Vernon are no longer a thing

Weddings at Sparkling Hill in Vernon are no longer a thing

If you’ve thought about having your wedding at Vernon’s Sparkling Hill, you’ll need to find another venue.

The resort has introduced a new policy that does away with hosting nuptials and other wedding-related events at the wellness and spa facility.

Jacqueline Birk, Sparkling Hill’s sales and marketing manager, says the change was made to ensure “a peaceful experience for all our guests.”

The resort has also implemented another policy that fully bans kids under the age of 16. Up until Jan. 1 of this year, children were not allowed in KurSpa. The new policy covers the rest of the resort, including guest rooms and other common areas.

Birk says the resort doesn't typically attract a lot of kids.

She adds Sparkling Hill is first and foremost a wellness destination, and that the policies honour the needs of the hotel's guests and "provide a serene environment with minimal disruptions."

By: Kamloops Matters

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