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Rejuvenate yourself among coastal fjords & mountain ranges on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia. Metta Eco-Experiences offers wilderness tourism adventure packages combining spectacular Kayaking, forest awareness walks, Zodiak, and boat tours through the inlets aboard our Metta mother ship MV Shirah. All their experiences focus on reconnecting with nature and exploring everything our beautiful marine environment has to offer. Their goal is to provide a variety of means and ways for you to experience the incredible BC Sunshine Coast!

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I’ve been on several hiking and camping trips with dogs over the years and they have never detracted from those experiences, only added to them. Dogs notice things in a way that humans can’t. I find that by merely watching them and noticing what draws their interest another layer is added to my experience in wild places. They hear sounds that I can’t and respond to scents that are too weak for my nose to detect. A hike with a dog can be a reminder to listen to our other senses and not focus too much on only what our eyes can see, but also on what we can smell, hear and touch. Which is why I can completely understand the upset caused by the recent dog ban at Joffre Lakes Provincial Park. A decision I imagine was not made lightly but was made to keep the interests of the majority of visitors and wildlife that calls this location home at the forefront.