Dance Classes and Performance Training for New and Returning Dancers

Sea Island Ballet Studios

Sea Island Ballet Studios Inc. provides professional training in a positive and supportive community-based environment. Sea Island Ballet Studios believes that in order to fully support the dancer, they must consider their training wholistically. Many youths have benefitted from the program by accomplishing excellent academic achievements. Ballet teaches you more than movement: It teaches you how to persevere, develop a growth mindset and strengthens resilience. Many adults seek out their classes due to the unique approach, which helps foster a supportive, community-based program. If you want to learn or return to the art of dance or take it to the stage, you’ll love it at Sea Island Ballet Studios. With years of exceptional training and a passion for sharing the art of dance, Director Miyouki Jego empowers her students to grow through individualized instruction and attention.



7900 Alderbridge Way #200


V6X 2A5

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